"Five Years of Indigo" is a uniquely powerful narrative of racial prejudice and the anguish of first-loves. Set in The Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina in the year 1902, Five Years of Indigo follows the lives of three mismatched children as it unfolds bit by astonishing bit.
“By the Light of the Foxfire” Prepare to add Rally Cecile Fox to the list of most memorable villains in literature! Fox will join the likes of Bill Sikes, Annie Wilkes, Nurse Ratched and even Hannibal Lecter. It is 1960. Idealistic college graduate Tabatha Dearstone has been assigned to the mountain community of River Gorge in her new career as a welfare worker. Rescued from her plunge into icy Turkey Neck Creek by handsome young mountain man Rally Fox, she will disappear into an unimaginable nightmare. Fox is the sadistic, murderous leader of a moonshine clan. He claims her and wants to force her into marriage. Held captive above Spill Mill, with no way to escape, Tabatha must learn mountain ways and fight psychological battles of wit and will, if she is to survive. Her one ally is an eight year old boy, Clyne Evans, whose life becomes more precious than her own.
"By the Light of the Bird House" Turn on all your lights, lock your doors, and settle in for the shocking continuation of By the Light of The Foxfire. Just when evil seems laid to rest, it will rise in new form, full of vengeance. Peterson Junior is the angry fourteen year old son of the black truck driver Rally Fox brutally murdered in By the Light of The Foxfire. As the unquenchable desire for healing answers beckons him deep into the mountains, he is forced into an unlikely alliance with Clyne Evans, a ten year old mountain boy. All the while an unspeakable danger is biding time, waiting to slip out of the forest to exact revenge. The boys unwittingly become the catalyst for deadly confrontation as the two forces collide. Vengeance will not be denied and will determine the fate of all involved at a small roadside stop, The Bird House.

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The Vampire’s Wife playfully and happily addresses healthy nutrition.
Aunt Present combines whimsical humor with educational themes to produce children’s books that engage, entertain and educate young children. The Vampire’s Wife is the first in a proposed series of picture books, Written and Illustrated by Emory Rhea Raxter.
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